Who is Fergie?

Who is Fergie? That is a question to remember! If you do not know who is Fergie, than you have a problem! She is a very beautiful woman, a great singer and a fantastic person! Fergie is the female vocalist for the hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas.

She has a great body, some amazing eyes and an original style. Fergie is glamorous and very hot. Her songs are in all major tops and her videos and concerts are a special attraction.

So.. who is Fergie? The answer is in the bellow gallery of pictures.

She is glamorous and superb.

superb fergie

Her full name is Stacy Ann Ferguson and she was born in 1975 in California.

stacy ferguson

Her face is so beautiful!

shiny fergie

To really know who is Fergie you really need to know that she is a sexy woman.

I like her hair! It is unique!

nice s ferguson

happy fergie

fergie the black eyed peas

Fergie looks amazing in her swimsuit.

fergie paparazzi photo

fergie kiss

Her blue dress is a killer!

fergie in blue dress

fergie eating lunch

Fergie… with nothing more to add.

beautiful stacy ferguson

beautiful fergie

I really hope that you enjoyed all these pictures with Fergie.

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