The pin-up girls with charming smiles

The pin-up girls are always a reason to celebrate the beauty, the creativity and sensitivity of women which give us power and inspiration to live and to hope. These vintage girls with their superb bodies and beautiful smiles have a special flavor.

The below pictures are black and white and this has also a special impact to the viewer. The pin-up girls are looking amazing in these vintage photos and they all have charming smiles. These fascinating, unique, inspiring, soulful and powerful women have a special way to smile.

Please take a look to the first pin-up girl; her smile is so innocent and she really looks happy.She looks great in her shiny vintage swimming suit and she really likes to play with the ball. The funny thing is that she has some nice shoes and her body is simply hot. You cannot make any difference between her and any of the most known pin-up girls like Betty Grable, Betty Page, Veronica Lake, Gina Lollobrigida, Jayne Mansfield, Rita Hayworth, Hedy Lamarr, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren or even the beautiful Marilyn Monroe.

vintage pin up girl

The second image shows us a vintage girl swimming in a pool; her smile is, again, the first thing you will notice to this picture, apart from the beautiful and well-shaped breasts. There are many vintage photos with swimming pin-ups and the association of these girls with the water has a special erotic effect to men. Her swimming costume is a retro one with some flowers on it on a white background. Swimming makes a beautiful body!

swimming vintage woman

The pinup-girl in the next pic has a subtle smile, revealing us a deep personality and an amazing beauty. She is a spectacular brunette with amazing secy lips and sensational eyes. Her body is superb and the skirt she wears is magnificent. She is the prototype of a pin-up girl, with big superb breasts, amazing legs and gorgeous hair. She is sitting in the garden, next to her chair and she is looking like she is waiting for her lover. The retro shoes in her legs are a symbol of elegance. This is a perfect picture for the cover of a magazine or for a convincing advertisement.

sexy pin up

And here we have a superb blond pin-up girl in a bath suit, having a sexy body and a charming smile. Her voluminous blonde hair is amazing and she has a nice fur in her hand. This black swimsuit gives more value to her hot body and the jewelery on her hand seems to be really expensive.  In some places, her swimsuit is transparent which makes it much more interesting.

pin up woman

I think I know the next girl because her charming smile is unforgettable and her eyes are so beautiful… She has some amazing teeth, very white, with sexy lips and her cleavage-revealing is amazing. Like the other pin-up girls, she has hot breasts and the only thing which we could say is: Amazing!

pin up-girl dress

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