The most stupid question on Yahoo Answers

Ok everybody… I know it is the weekend and you are all relaxing and stuff, but I just saw the most stupid question I’ve ever seen on Yahoo Answers

I couldn’t belive my eyes that is true…

Jessica live in Georgia, but she says he did not see the Russians which have invaded Georgia, did not see the tanks, did not hear any sound… What do you think about this??… I forgot to mention that she lives in Georgia, US… And she never heard of that country called Georgia, near Russia… Absolutely amazing… How stupid can you be to look for the Russians in the middle of United States?…

yahoo answers question

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  1. Actually she doesn’t! I mean she doesn’t live in the state of Georgia, but in the country Georgia!
    So clever boys and girls, it’s time for you to chew your socks. Watch news and read newspapers!!!

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