The most interesting candid photos of Miley Cyrus

We have here on some of the most beautiful candid photos of Miley Cyrus, the famous Hannah Montana. This girl is neither beautiful nor ugly but she has a lot of fans in the World. For all these people here’s on the best collection of paparazzi photos gallery with Miley Cyrus.

You will be pleased to see Miley Cyrus in some nice photos, in swimsuit near the beach, with her boyfriend or running on the street. Miley Cyrus can be also very cute and beautiful. Enjoy! I think Miley Cyrus is a good singer and actress with a huge potential though.

I like the first photo…

Nice image…


She likes sports, she likes to run.


You won’t see Miley Cyrus like this ever!



This girl has nice legs!

miley-cyrus-great- legs

She is looking cool.

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