The most expensive skull on Earth

These pictures will show you the most expensive skull in the world

I have no idea why they made this skull so expensive and to whom it belonged…

But to put so many diamonds, gold and silver on it… It must have been a skull of a very precious person…

This is how it looks this unique skull:

diamonds skull

I think this might be the owhen of the diamonds skull

diamonds skull owner

Evaluationg the diamonds skull

evaluating skull

This is how it looked the skull before they put a lot of diamonds on it…

skull bone

This is truly an expensive skull

expensive skull

This is when they put the big diamond on it…

big diamond skull

Skull teeth…

diamonds teeth skull

How they made it…

making diamonds skull

skull diamonds

skull diamond

This is a beautiful profile of of the diamonds skull

skull diamond profile

And finally another man kissing a skull… This time the skull is full of diamonds

diamonds skull kiss

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  1. some people just have to much money don’t they know there are kids, whole families living in povity with disease and not enough food or water, wouldn’t it feel a whole lot better to help just one person.

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