The cards of Life and Death

I simply love these cards and I think that they are very well done…“Cards of life and death” it is the name of these cards…

This is also art. I’m not sure if these are really playing cards, but they are very cool…

You have to be a very talented artist to do that… Cards of life and death is a beautiful set of playing cards…It is very interesting the fact that the top of the card shows like the king, queen or jack it is alive, but the bottom part it looks like they are dead…The exception makes the Joker where half of his face it is alive and half it is dead on both bottom and top…

beautiful playing cards

Cards of life and death are fabulous…

cards of life and death

I love the black queen…

cool playing cards

joker playing cards

Really beautiful design for these Cards of life and death

jack playing card

playing cards

This queen it is again very nice…

queen playing card

king playing card

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