The Axe effect – the best advertisements

These are the best Axe ads I’ve ever seen… These ads for this famous deodorant are hilarious!

I hope you will enjoy them…The Axe deodorant is cool…When you see these you fell like you want to spray with it…

The first one is crazy… It is a really funny Axe ad

axe effect

Axe deodorant ad

axe deodorant

Another Axe effect ad

axe effect ad

I love this Axe ad…

axe effect deodorant

One of my favorites Axe advertisements…

axe effect shower gel

Fallen angel… A very nice Axe ad

axe fallen angel

A really creative Axe ad

creative axe ad

Beautiful Axe ads which are made in a very creative way by really great people…

the axe effect ads

The next one it is a very funny Axe ad… I hope you like all these…

the axe effect

What is your favorite Axe ad?…

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