The amazing KGB museum

KGB museum it is a wonderful place to see so many things! There are two KGB museums: on is in Vilnius and one is in Moscow.

This gallery of pictures shows us a lot of interesting things from this KGB museum.

Let’s begin our journey in this Russian museum of KGB.

Photo of bullets from KGB museum.

war bullets poster

Vintage Russian watches are cool.

vintage watches russian

Old Russian war telephone is nice.

vintage russian telephone

Many soldiers stuff from war time.

russian war stuff

Russian soldier uniform…

russian war outfits

Russian war stars decoration.

russian war guns museum

Vintage war wood stick.

war russian stick

Communist emblem in.

russian war emblem

Professional old Russian hand gun.

russian vintage hand gun

Communist Russian album.

russian vintage album

russian personality

Nice old Russian walking sticks.

russian museum walking stick

War Russian decoration .

russian museum

russian lieutenant

Great soldier helmet with communist emblem on it .

russian helmet musseum

Vintage Russian hand gun .

russian hand gun

Many Russian decoration from communist time .

russian decorations

Communist Russian painting  in KGB museum .

russian communist sword

Russian communist corporal outfit .

russian communist outfit

Russian communist flag .

russian communist flag

Two of the most known communist emblems .

russian communist emblems

russian bronze sculpture


Old ring bell from communist time.

old russian ringer

Russian quote in KGB museum.

old russian order

Cool images from KGB museum with many nazi stuffs .

nazi soldier stuff

nazi soldbuch

Spectacular KGB museum in Russia .

kgb museum

Interesting Hitler letter in KGB museum .

kgb hitler

Hitler’s soldier outfit in museum.

hitler outfit

Marvelous war Russian manuscript.

hand write musseum

CTPAKY o.r.n.y 1927 .

ctpaky orny 1927

Great communist Russian emblems.

communist emblems

Nice photo of a Russian girl.

beautiful russian girl

KGB museum is so cool.

russian war emblem

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