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  1. No way Nasser. Nobody said that… Arab people are cool… Some of them are terrorists, some non-Arabic people are terrorists… It has nothing to do with Arabic people…Not sure why you ask this…

  2. Ali and Nasser,

    Get over it. A vast majority of terrorists worldwide are arab. If you don’t like it, do something about it. And by that I don’t mean blow yourself and a bunch of innocent people up, I mean do something to change the stereotype. Get ANGRY about all the arab terrorists and work with other angry arabs to make a change. One thing I have not seen is one single arab who is angry about the muslim people who blow up innocent citizens of the world. Not one.

  3. you knew that the U.S. used dogs to destroy tank of Nazi Germany, I think this is funny and I see no flag of any country I do not know why they are offended.

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