Tarantula cocktail

I just found how you can make a tarantula cocktail for unexpected guests…

This is not so funny…poor tarantula…

Find a tarantula and put it into the blender…


Add some bananas…

tarantula and bananas

Some milk…

tarantula milk

And it is almoust finished…

tarantula cocktail



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  1. you are a f***n peice of work… asshole…

    that spider is a HARMLESS invert and what you did was cruel and pathetic… there should be harder laws on the treatment of theraphosids so that cunts like you go to prison !!

    PRICK !

  2. This Shit Is So Muthafucking NASTY AS HELL……. FeeL LIKE TROWING UP RIGHT NOW. NASTY ASS !!! I wonder Did He Get Sick After Drinking That NASTY ASS SHIT MANNNNNNN………… UGH !!!!

  3. i hope you got sick. youre a prick. that was unnecessary. congratulations, you can overpower something the size of a coaster

  4. i’m sure he didn’t drink the blend he just killed the spider, next time put your dick in the blender.

  5. This is absolutely ridiculous. Who in their right mind would ever even think up something like that.

    Ps. Thank God Karma is a bitch!

  6. I laugh at all these butt hurt comments, who most likely don’t even flinch when feeding their tarantulas mice for their own personal enjoyment. Hypocrites.

    Also, unless you’re a complete idiot, I’m not sure how anyone managed to miss the fact this is fake. It’s also hilarious.

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