Stupid and hilarious zombie parade in Melbourne – Australia

I never thought that there is such a thing like a “Zombie Parade” and I have to say that this is the most stupid I have ever seen this year. Why should exist such a stupid zombie parade? Why would you dress like a zombie and paint yourself with red paint like blood and why would you look so horrible? I’m really sorry about all the participants to this zombie parade but they are ALL very stupid!

These people can scary children although you will notice that some very stupid parents have dressed their kids like zombies.

This man is really stupid. He thinks he is very interesting like dressed like a zombie with that scary doll in his hands.


I have seen much clever women than these zombie women.


The face of the zombie below is green. What a stupid idea!


Here’s a kid dressed like a zombie. You parents do not have brains at all?


A very scary zombie.


Some hilarious zombies.


This is a very hilarious zombie parade in Melbourne.


I hope these people will realize that this is really stupid and unhealthy.


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