Shocking images with Lenin’s body in his tomb mausoleum

Lenin’s body is a big controversy because Lenin’s tomb is in fact a mausoleum. Today we have some really shocking images with the body of the famous communist politician, the first leader of the Soviet Union and the creator of the Leninism, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

These photos are shocking to me because I do not understand some things. As you know, after his death, Lenin body was embalmed and placed on permanent exhibition in the Lenin Mausoleum in Moscow. Lenin’s tomb looks really strange and his preserved body looks scary! His followers wanted to do that because they wanted to revive him in the future(!!!???)….

I really don’t understand why they do not bury him now… Maybe because they make money from people coming to see his body at the Lenin Mausoleum in Moscow?… Anyway everything seems so strange to me…

Here’s a photo with the entrance to Lenin’s Mausoleum in Moscow… You will see later Vladimir Lenin body.

lenin mausoleum

Here’s how you can see the weird Lenins body… I bet Stalin is angry now because Lenin looks so beautiful!

lenin body moscow

And from here it begins the strange and shocking part to me… Lenin’s tomb is a place to avoid.

vladimir ilyich lenin

I guess that from time to time, they have to take Lenins body , undress it and wash it water or maybe some special solution to preserve it well…

lenin body

As you can see, the Lenin’s naked body…

naked lenin body

The people which are doing this are not wearing gloves or something like that… Maybe it would be an insult to Lenin… His dead body could have some strange diseases… Disgusting corpse of Lenin anyway…

lenin naked

To me, these are really shocking pictures with the dead body of Lenin…

lenin corpse

Lenin’s embalmed body looks really strange… Have you ever seen such a tomb?

v i lenin body

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  1. Lenin’s body is removed every few years to be treated to stop it decaying further. And believe me you would look a bit strange if you died in 1924

  2. Burying Lenin’s body will be an excuse to bury the spirit of communism and worker’s revolution altogether.
    Despite the Russian Revolution degenerating into an undemocratic state capitalist regime after Stalin took over, Lenin’s body represents the spirit of communism in Russia, and the rest of the world.
    He should not be buried until communism has been achieved! Only then can he truly be ‘laid to rest’.

    1. Ah the beautiful spirit of Communism. How could millions of dead, innocent, murder victims by a political regime be wrong?

      1. You’re trying to say he deserves to be treated like this?
        I think Lenin idea’s were rather noble. He just went to far in achieving his goals but had in mind a greater good. I’m not at all saying that what he did was good but I think everyone deserves a place where they can rest at last.

      2. Actually Lenin was not that bad compared to leaders past and future, he reorganised through the chaos after the Tsarist regime collapsed, 5 million died in the revolution millions and millions died during the entirety of the Tsarist regime and Stalin killed around 20 million from taking power to the start of Russia’s part in World War 2 so comparably Lenin was a great leader, he also introduced the NEP. He was a great leader with a noble idea he believed in and loved, he didn’t want Stalin to come to power he just wanted Russia to be happy.

  3. Wow, i saw one of the pics on another site of him in the vat and i wondered if it was a fake. but i guess after seeing more than one i guess they are real pics. i don’t see his being on display as a violation, but i think with the pictures of him dead and naked (even if u can’t see his…well u know) put on the internet is a violation :(. i know eva peron’s husband wanted to do something like this for her, but her body got taken away before the preservation process was finished or something like that.

    1. I do not believe that the pic of Lenin body shown in the above are true. This is because:
      1. Nobody allows to take pic of Lenin body to show like this, or the embalmers will be taken into jail.
      2. The fingers of Lenin body are closed on display at the Mausoleum
      3. The face, beard and moustache of Lenin is not look like as on the display, i.e,it is grey, but black on the display…

  4. Ok I have one odd problem with these pictures..

    In the photos where he’s on display, his right hand is closed, you’d think being dead since 1924, his joints aren’t moving and his skin is stiff .. bend a finger and it breaks, that kind of thing.

    How then does the supposed corpse in the other photos have all the fingers straight?

    that alone makes me think these aren’t Lenin ..

  5. this is very shocking, not that Lenin is preserved and still there, not that Lenin is being treated, but that people would put naked pictures of a very important man, and his voice and body are still important today. Why would u want Lenins body buried? it is very respecful to let his folowers see his body. and not just ground. Im just saying that i am not shocked at all abut the scientist working and cleaning Lenin’s body.

    Comrade Nevin

  6. ive just noticed something, look at the first pix u see of lenins body that is not on display, the one where hes laying down on the table where the scientist are,the 3rd down. look at the hair!!!! that person has blond hair!!! lenin was bold. this corps is nothing more than a fix up….

    Comrade Nevin

  7. one more thing i just noticed, look at pix #4, look at that person has hair, just to remind u, lenin was bold, this is nothing more than a fake pic. i think this is very wrong to even try to have naked pixs of Lenin on the internet.

    Comrade Nevin

  8. Umm…. look at these pics.. you dont even have to look closely… its obvious that they are 2 different people. Lenin was bald when he died.. did he miraculously grow his hir back? Lok at the ears.. the face.. its a different body. Bury the poor man’s body instead of using it as a money making freak show display. He was a great man no doubt who made his mark in history… show him some respect and bury him for cryin out loud. Just my humble opinion. =o)

  9. there are two other similar bodies being preserved in the bottom of lenins tomb in the lab area so that they can try new methods of preservation in hopes to keep lenin from decaying as long as possible- as for wondering why they have him there ‘imogen’ s answer is on the right path…

  10. It Is Such A Shame That There Would Be A Fake On The Internet. The Same Family Has Been Taking Care Of Lenins Body Since He Died. Do You Really Think That They Would Allow Pictures Of The Naked Body Of Russias First Succesfull Revoulutionary, The Creater Of The First Socialist State Known To Man? You Arent Even Allowed To Photograph Him In His Mausoleum, Then How Would Anybody Try To Get These. What A Shame, Socialist, Capitalist, Democratic, Or Stateist. You Have To Show The Man Respect.

  11. I promise…..he won’t care that he was naked…Besides, his genitile area was covered…what do you want…do put his clothes in the flamaldrahyde??I would think NOT!!!

  12. je sais pas vous mais moi ca me donne faim !! je connais un resto sympa ou ils servent un delicious foie de volaille quasi cru … pense serieusement que nous devrions faire de meme avec sarkozy le petit pere du peuple francais

  13. Are you guys retarded? Obviously those are real… Wonder why he has hair? It’s all part of the “make-up” process. Lighting is used to make him look more lifelike. Make up is applyed to skin. Hair is applied to head. Why do you think HE HAS FACIAL HAIR IN THE PHOTOS OF HIM ON DISPLAY. Wow you guys and girls are retarded.

  14. Kobra, you are the shit. People like you are why we have global problems of people being exploited by a handful of tycoons.

    Everyone is born equal, everybody dies equal. The equality is what happens in between.

    Long live Lenin, long live Leninism-Marxism, long live the Dictatorship of the Proletariat

  15. Hey! I don’t believe it’s really Lenin’s mummy. If I take a look at his right hand in the sarcophagus, it’s pent in the fist. When I look at the picture from laboratory, his naked body has the hands open. I’m not sure, just think, that the body is not very flexible and it would be a big problem to bend the grimmed fingers and then match them back into the flat position. Another thing is that the forehead of the mummy on the picture from the lab is much less rotundated than the Lenin’s was. And! the mummy has a lot of veins by the temple of the head. Lenin doesn’t. And! The mummy has a longer moustache. Lenin has quite shorter. And! The shape of ears of the mummy is absolutely different than the Lenins! And! The shape of the Lenin’s mandible is a bit knobly while the mummy’s mandible has the opposite shape!!! And I see more and more differences. Let nobody tell me these pictures from laboratory are taken of the real Lenin’s body….

  16. The pictures are fake, the original picture of Lenin shows a closed right and a open left hand. And dont forget Leninn was bald. Look any pre 1927 pictures

  17. I wonder if they ever take the body out for a night on the town. Ooooh! Or, better yet, how about for a weekend at Bernie’s!

    Or, would that be a Weekend At Vlad’s?

    Thank goodness for Photoshop. Heh heh heh…

  18. Hair and finger nails do not stop growing after death, as they come from dead cells to begin with….that could explain the hair.

  19. I think I’m gonna barf a little. I don’t know if that’s the same Lenin in both pictures but it definitely looks like a real corpse. Just think, that could be you or I someday!

  20. People, people. Just open your eyes. These are obviously NOT the same body. Yes it is true the hair and nails continue to grow after death…for a few hours. NOT enough to grow a full head of hair and a longer moustache!!
    These scientists do continue to try to perfect the mummification process. THAT explains the TWO different bodies.
    YES the makeup and lighting make a HUGE difference in how the body looks after returning the clothing. That’s the point. DUH!!
    As to the hands being different, that’s so obvious Stevie Wonder could see clearly they are two different corpses.!!!!!
    “Stalin’s” are positioned totaly differently from this corpse’s.
    Just look at the ‘shirt’ they were supposedly taking off of ‘stalin’. It is IMPOSSIBLE to undress a corpse that has been mummfied by moving the arms and legs. The shirt being removed is a cape that has a top button or snap. NOT a dress shirt.!!! God people can be so totally ignorant!!!!!!!!!!!
    Look at the legs of this ‘corpse’ the legs are waxy as they would be with plasticine mummification. BUT the face is not. What??? Did they mummify one part and not the rest???
    This is an experiment, NOT STALIN!!!
    If you really want an educated opinion of this ‘corpse’ pictures that are purportred to be stalin’s body…as someone who knows his ass from his mouth, unlike most of you people, ask Gunther Van Hagen and see what he thinks of this ‘stalin’ mummy!!!

  21. Sorry to disappoint, but that’s NOT Lenin’s body. Look at his right hand in the before and after pictures. That, and the fact that if you really study the photos, it’s clearly a person who bears a passing resemblance. But it’s not him.

  22. It’s not water, his body is ‘washed’ in a formaldehyde solution every so often in an attempt to further slow the decaying process. A process which can never be totally halted, so over time the body continues to decay, which is of course why he looks ‘strange’. The only reason the body looks ‘lifelike’ when in its mausoleum is that the body is covered in wax and makeup to hide the discolouration of the decaying and embalming processes. A great many bodies embalmed in the western world also have makeup applied after embalming to make the deceased appear as they did in life, mostly for the benefit of the relatives who usually want to see their lost loved one before they are interred or cremated. If left untreated the body of Lenin would eventually shrivel away to resemble those of the mummified ancient Egyptians.

  23. Oh, and the hair and nails do not technically ‘grow’ after death – the body begins to dehydrate and shrivel, and the skin becomes thinner etc, making the hair and nails appear to grow but in fact they are just exposed more than they were in life due to receding of skin. Ask a doctor, or better still, an undertaker! As for whether it’s Lenin’s body or not, who knows. After all, the former Soviet governments were masters of propaganda…

  24. I was just in Russia last week and saw Lenin’s body. There are a few things I’d like to throw out.
    First, it should stay there because it is an incredible tourist attraction. Whether you love or hate him, it is really amazing to actually see him rather than visit a monument or something. I wish we could ‘see’ Lincoln and Washington, etc.
    Secondly, I do not believe these pictures are actually Lenin. As the crowds were low, we were able to be there a considerable amount of time. You could not hide the amount of hair that is on the corpse in the picture. Plus the forehead of Lenin is very prominent and that is not the forehead on the corpse in the vat. I do believe this is the process they use; they just showed another body they ‘practice’ on and probably have been working with for a similar amount of years. The body as a whole probably looks almost identical to Lenin as we have known for many years that they took out the internal organs to add in preservation, etc.

  25. I do not believe for a second that this is the body of Lenin. First, I work in the video industry and can tell when the pics are video stills. These ARE video stills. Why would somebody video tape Lenin’s cleaning and risk it getting out across the web. Second, the most obvious is the fact that the corpse in the stills HAS HAIR. Lenin did not. Nice Try.

  26. Lenin was a murderer. 6-8 million Russians died because of Lenin, and he created the regime that murdered 50 million more. I say we bury Lenin next to Hitler.

    1. Lenin killed nobody. In fact, he saved millions of human being from perishing at the hands of imperialist scoundrels. He created a regime that saved another millions from being murdered by Hitler. Then how can Lenin be buried next to Hitler? People who talk like this should be buried in Hitler’s grave itself.

    2. no actually those 6-8 million were victims of a revolution, he also did his best to prevent Stalin coming to power and he was the largest threat within the Communist party. and the revolution was going to happen regardless of whether Lenin led it, he saved more lives than he took.

  27. It is absolutely not Lenin!! 100% not!! Moreover many of us (I mean Russians) has a doubt about the Lenin’s corpse existence.

  28. So obviously NOT Lenin. He was bald and had red beard. Thats just an old, dead guy which they are probably embalming. BTW how many people have the Capitalism killed? Millions more than Stalin ever did.

  29. Maybe it the most interesting guy in the world…. from the Dos Equis commercials… he has hair.

    Maybe this is the practice Lenin…. and I agree with Peter….. Lenin was a mass murderer… not a “Great Man” as some have said here.

    Maybe a “Great Murderer”…. no doubt about that.

    1. Lenin saved more lives than he took, the 5-6 million who died in the revolution were going to die whatever the revolution was on rails. The next time death occurred on asuch a scale was under Stalin’s rule that Lenin tried to prevent. In fact to some extent Lenin betrayed communism with the NEP to keep peace and avoid death. He may or may not have been a great mn but he had a great idea, was peaceful and noble in his cause.

  30. Lenin’s body should be cremated. Then his followers can snort his ashes – opiate of the proletariat.

  31. I wonder why they have his dick covered up. According to what I have heard, he wasn’t much in the, let us say, the manliness department, and this dick covering pretty much verifies that. They obviously didn’t want Lenin’s enemies to see how, let us say lacking, he really was as a man, because that my friends would serve as a testament to what put him on that path, the path to power the only way he could achieve it.

  32. This is clearly fake, with the pride they put into lenin alone (let alone the fact it doesn’t look like him) do you really think they’d allow pictures of his naked corpse to be taken?

  33. If people didnt know, people do grow hair when they die. Additionally the soluton they use to preserve the body might have changed his skin colour and hair….hardly think its a decoy


  35. Who cares if this is real or not? The fact is that some idiots still worship the guy. That’s the most disturbing part! How can you possibly be so dense and misinformed?

    1. Seas, how can you even ask that? It’s like saying ‘why do people even worship God, no-ones ever seen him.’

      People can worship who ever they want, and its not for you to judge. People like you always point out the negative things about him, what about the positives?

      I can name you atleast 10 negative things, atleast, ANY political leader has done, past or present, you have no idea of the situation Russia and Russian people were in at that time and you never will. You might THINK you will, but trust me you won’t.

      1. Lenin was a mass murderer whose brutal dictatorship gave rise to further brutal dictatorships, which indeed threatened for fifty years to destroy civilisation as we know it and in its place establish similar monstrosities. They nearly succeeded, and for half a century the people of Eastern Europe were slaves to a system that offered them nothing.

        It’s time to burn that shameful corpse in the crematorium of a former gulag and in the mausoleum establish a memorial to the 120 million victims of Marxist philosophy in the 20th century. Over the doorway, where now the name “LENIN” is displayed, in letters five feet high write “NEVER AGAIN”.

        Don’t disgust people and make yourself look like an idiot by asking “what about the positives”, Arthur.

  36. Lenin was not buried, because of Stalin and his new power as a leader. Stalin hated him so much and after the death of Lenin he told the people to embalm him. So he didnĀ“t fulfild the last wish of Lenin.

    Lenin never wanted to be embalmed (and in a mausoleum), he told this explicit.

    The russian government is thinking about a normal grave for Lenin, to fulfill his wish.

  37. 1. Dig a big big big big

    2. Bury Lenin forever. Lenin himself wanted to be Buried… No civilized Nations keep dead people on display… Yes. to lenin picture is OK. just keep a picture of Lenin.. Bury the dead body.

    3. Bury lenin.. Live the Future. Invent the Future. Discover the Future. Past/Future. live the future…

  38. Once a year they give him what they call a “chemical bath” These pictures are during that procedure.He looks better on display bc of a wax type sealant used on his face to help prevent decay in between baths.The sealant gives his face a smooth and life like texture look.When it comes to the position of his hands,rigor mortis is gone within 3-4 days after death.They could pose him doing a hand stand if they wanted too.These pics are genuine but I bet whoever took them got in some serious trouble.

  39. This is not Lenin. These photos are from a TV program about Lenin’s mausoleum in Moscow. The body is of an unknown old man found at the railway station in 1949. The process of preserving this old man’s body is shown as an illustration of what is done with the Lenin’s body every year. They would never show the real body on TV. So you can safely delete your comments below the pictures. It is not Lenin!

  40. Great topic, but as has been stated, that’s not Lenin’s naked body. I’ve read that it’s a “practice” body that’s been preserved since 1949, for trying out new substances/techniques.

  41. My first thought that it was possible Stalin whose body was being “refreshed,” but that didn’t quite match, either. The corpse on display is balding, as was Lenin. The corpse in the multiple pictures has hair, but not ENOUGH hair (or mustache) to be Stalin — who at least used to be on display along with Lenin. The notion of a “practice” body makes the most sense.

    Ghoulish or not, viewing the body of Lenin is a chance to get close to history. I would love to be as close to other historical characters — and, in fact, have stood at the graves of people from Henry V (“Prince Hal” of Agincourt fame) to Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln, conscious of the fact that this is as close as I can get to meeting people whom I find fascinating.

    Lenin was an evil man. Marxism and Communism and almost all forms of Socialism are intrinsically evil — but that doesn’t make them less important, give them less impact on history, or prevent their being fascinating.

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