Shocking and extreme body piercing

Extreme body piercing is not a very nice way to show off in the public. As you will see in the pictures below, many of these extreme and shocking body piercings are scary and children could have unexpected reactions when they see a woman or a man with such a body mutilation.

The body piercing can be nice and sexy when it is simple and small, but when people put a lot of metal in their ears, tongues, hands, heads and other parts of their bodies, this becomes really awful.

The first man has a lot of metal piercings on his face. How can he kiss a girl with those??

The next man looks really really scary! Avoid him!

Why an old man would need so many piercings?

This nose piercing is horrible!

Never saw a scary and original neck piercing like that. How can you move your head?

This man looks like the Satan himself!

This guy really loves coca cola!

That tongue piercing must have been very painful!

This guy looks from another planet…

This is cool ear piercing, but still too much…

This is what I call extreme body piercing!

Strange ear piercing…

The last picture seems to be more normal than the previous photos…

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  1. سلام من از ایران هستم
    من هیچگاه این جور افراد را درک نکردم
    و هیچگاه هم دوست ندارم انها را درک کنم
    چرا آدم صورت خود را که بسیار زیبا است به شکل هایی مثل این جور عکسها دربیاورد
    این برای من سوال است
    Hi I’m from Iran
    I never did understand those kind of people
    And also do not like them never understand
    Why if your man is a very beautiful shape like those kind of pictures Drbyavrd
    This is a question for me?

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