Scary huge dogs

This post is not funny, but I have chosen to write it and show you some really big, huge dogs which seem to be really scary for me. I like dogs like Maltese, Boston Terrier, Pugs but these huge dogs are too much for me. How can you like such an animal? How can you call it your pet? How do you feed such a huge dog? I bet he eats humans too, maybe kids or some small animals like racoons, sheep or maybe cows. These people how own these dogs must have a mental problem or maybe they need some glasses to see how big are their pets. I really hope that they do not spend all their money on the food for these dogs.

You will see in the next pictures that I’m right and you should not keep these dogs in your house or yard.

This woman has three big dogs, like a single one is not enough. Only one of these animals eat more than her or could eat her in a moment.

This girl is playing with this big white dog and she seems to be very happy. The other dog she has is smaller, but who know how much could grow up.

Well, this is a really huge animal. If a dog like this one catches a cat…. This dog weights much more than the lady…

The next dogs seem to be twins or something.. The old lady is the happy owner and I think she spends all her pension for their food. What is the point to have such huge animals in your house and what is their breed? The owner was not aware that they will grow up so much when they were little? Someone can give me a valid answer?

This dog is taller than the man, it’s taller than anything on Earth, it is a monster…

Never ever adopt a pet like this one….

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