Coolest pictures of Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley pictures are a reason to celebrate, because this beautiful and sexy actress from England is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. These photos of Keira Knightley are the best with her, although in some of them she is really skinny!

Keira Knightley hair it is considered to be really beautiful and one of the best in the movie industry.

skinny keira knightley

sexy keira knightley

keira knightley profile

keira knightley photo

keira knightley image

keira knightley

Her hair is superb and I love her hair cut.

gorgeous keira knightley

The pictures with Keira make a really beautiful gallery! She acts very good in her movies.

beautiful keira knightley

Navel piercing photos

Navel piercing seems to be the most popular from all piercing styles today. Nobody knows who was the first person in history which had a piercing in navel, but we can see it to many celebrities like Madonna, Cher, Kesha, Britney Spears or Jessica Alba. The belly navel piercing has become a popular fashion and many young people begin to ask themselves how much will cost a navel piercing.

Navel piercing is very popular among women, but also men are interested into it. We can see these naval piercings in all movies, video clips, on the cover of many magazines, on the street or when we go in vacation. Young girls think they have more appeal if they have belly piercings, although many parents do not agree their kids to mutilate their bodies. Even if many teenagers are excited to have at least one belly button piercing, many others are not interested in this form of body piercing.

The increasing demand for a naval piercing is a very good business for the piercing artists, but this could also increase the risks because of the fact that these piercing parlors may be all the time in a rush and could make mistakes or skip some essential things like the perfect hygiene. The process to get a navel piercing is actually very simple if you find the right person to do it and the price of navel piercing it is usually very accessible. Every piercer must work in a clean way, with proper hygiene to avoid a navel piercing infection which could become more complicated or end with an ugly scar. Healing navel piercing should be done by a professional at home or in a hospital. So before asking yourself how much is a navel piercing or does navel piercing hurt, you should know exactly how the cleaning is done, is the needle is safe and generally know more information about naval piercing. Navel piercing aftercare, if something strange happens, can take a long time, up to one year, if there is a complicated infection!

Body piercing navel requires a long healing time so you should choose the best and safest piercing artist. The most popular is the navel piercing ring, being the simplest style. All these navel piercing rings are made from silver, gold, sometimes having little stones, like ruby or diamonds. The cost of navel piercing includes also the value of the jewelery used for your belly. Bottom or lower (inverse) belly piercing is more dangerous than other forms of body piercings and that is why it should be avoided. You should discuss this with your piercer and he will tell you the decision based on your body structure. An innie or outie does no matter as long you can get the best advice from a pro.

Navel piercing and pregnancy is another subject on which there is a lot of controversy, but generally pregnancy should not be a problem if you had the belly piercing before it. Many women think that if they are pregnant or if they go swimming then there could be problems with their belly piercing, but that is generally not true.

Let’s see the best navel piercing photos with the most creative and interesting buttons.

navel piercing scar

navel piercing ring

navel piercing jewelry

navel piercing jewellery

navel piercing for men

I love this cross in the belly.

navel piercing cross

inverse navel piercing

double navel piercing

The best Jenifer Lopes photos

These Jenifer Lopes photos show us a very beautiful woman, a good singer and a sex-symbol. Her concerts, songs, albums and videos are very appreciated by millions of fans. Here are the best photos with her in the below gallery.

I like her hair, her hot body and beautiful legs. I think J. Lo is an amazing woman and she has a great husband and babies.

j lopes

Here’s the best image with Jenifer Lopes.

jenifer lopes photo

I lover her eyes and look. Jenifer has some nice songs too.

jenifer lopes image

I think that the next two are the best Jenifer Lopes photos.

jenifer lopes concert

jenifer lopes


She is so beautiful!

Who is Fergie?

Who is Fergie? That is a question to remember! If you do not know who is Fergie, than you have a problem! She is a very beautiful woman, a great singer and a fantastic person! Fergie is the female vocalist for the hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas.

She has a great body, some amazing eyes and an original style. Fergie is glamorous and very hot. Her songs are in all major tops and her videos and concerts are a special attraction.

So.. who is Fergie? The answer is in the bellow gallery of pictures.

She is glamorous and superb.

superb fergie

Her full name is Stacy Ann Ferguson and she was born in 1975 in California.

stacy ferguson

Her face is so beautiful!

shiny fergie

To really know who is Fergie you really need to know that she is a sexy woman.

I like her hair! It is unique!

nice s ferguson

happy fergie

fergie the black eyed peas

Fergie looks amazing in her swimsuit.

fergie paparazzi photo

fergie kiss

Her blue dress is a killer!

fergie in blue dress

fergie eating lunch

Fergie… with nothing more to add.

beautiful stacy ferguson

beautiful fergie

I really hope that you enjoyed all these pictures with Fergie.