Top 7 breathtaking photos

I have to say that these 7 photos are really breathtaking for me and I hope you will find them as well. This small gallery has some really amazing pictures from all over the World, from different countries and they represent the beauty of nature.

I will wait for your comments to tell me which one is your favorite. The first photo shows us a superb river, an aerial photo with this river looking like a snake on the ground…

superb river

This bay is a Paradise and I know it is in one of the many Greek islands which I heard they have to sell now because there are no money in Greece anymore…

paradise bay

This is an amazing photo with the famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria near the border with Austria. It is a great castle which I have recently visited.

neuschwanstein castle

I love the mountains…

cool mountain image

This may not be as spectacular as Niagara or Angel, but it is a cool waterfall…

breathtaking waterfall

China is the realm of these beautiful rice fields from where we eat rice and get fat…

amazing rice fields

I love Rio de Janeiro and this picture show us a small part of the beauty of this Brazilian city…

above rio

Funny people with hilarious messages on the streets

People on the streets can write hilarious messages, we can see theme, smile or laugh and leave a few bucks to them. Many from the people who have written the below messages are homeless people or beggars. They are creative, funny and know how to make a penny making the others smile.

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Hilarious pictures with Muslim girls at the beach

I have nothing against Muslim people and I respect them, but I have to say that these Muslim girls are really stupid or maybe the tradition is really crazy. When these women go to beach they are all dressed up and you can only see their faces. What is this? Is this a teaching in Quran which tell you that if you are a Muslim woman and if you want to go to beach you need to be dressed and people can see only your face and if you want to take a bath ion the sea or in the ocean you need to have all your clothes on you? I think this is not fair!

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The longest nails in the World

The longest nails in the World belong to an old woman called Lee Redmond which had not been cut her nails for more than 30 years or so. But it seems that recently she lost her creepy nails, I think they were broken, so today we have many women, girls or men with really long finger or toe nails in an unique collection here on I think these are the biggest nails in 2001 on Earth!

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Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony before their divorce

Jennifer Lopez and her husband of seven years Marc Anthony just announced their divorce. They seem to love so much each other, they have a few kids and above all this is the fourth failed marriage for Jennifer. These photos are taken before their divorce to remind us how they looked together. Who is next for J Lo? Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez divorce seems to be an ugly thing as we do not know the real reason yet. It seems that a sexy boy called William Levy is the Jennifer’s lover and Mark could not accept that…

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Breath taking Indian brides dresses, makeup and hairstyles

Indian brides are looking simply breath taking and this is a special gallery of pictures with the best Hindu brides in the human history! Their wedding dresses, their nose piercings, jewelry, painted hands and hairstyles are admired by men and women from all over the World.

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