Old antique cars from Russia

This a large gallery with the best old cars from Russia. People who love these antique cars will find this really exciting, especially if they are Russian. Old cars look strange compared to new cars, but they have their charm.

If you want to buy any of the beautiful old cars, just let me know! They are classic and vintage with a special flavor!

yellow old russian car back

Old russian car in very good shape .

yellow old russian car

Vintage soviet car washed in river .

vintage soviet truck

Soviet old car in a vintage photo .

soviet old car

Russian bus in a vintage photography .

soviet old bus

Russian mini bus .

soviet car

Nice draw of old Volga car.

secular volga car

Old soviet green truck .

secular soviet bus

Yellow vintage russian car .

secular russian truck

Funny old russian bus .

secular russian bus

You can still see that type of bus in countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Russia .

russian vintage bus

Stale russian bus .

russian stale bus

Ancient russian big car .

russian old truck draw

Old model of russian truck .

russian old truck

Old russian bus .

russian old bus

Vintage russian mini bus .

russian driver bus

Nice painting of a russian old bus .

russian bus draw

Modern russian bus .

russian bus

Russian man driving his old car .

retro russian car

Old russian crane .

old yard machine

Lovely old russian volga car.

old volga car

Great old russian limo.

old time russian expensive car

Very old russian bus .

old time russian bus

Soviet russian old truck .

old soviet truck

Spectacular soviet old plane .

old soviet bus plane

old soldiers bus

I love the shape of this hilarious bus.

old school bus russian

Rusty russian truck .

old rusty russian bus

Old russian vehicle for food .

old russian vehicle

Old russian truck used in factories .

old russian truck

Very nice old russian trip bus .

old russian trip bus

Good shape of this old russian car .

old russian small truck

Interesting old russian sleep truck .

old-russian sleep car

Nice old russian school bus .

old russian school bus

Photo of old russian car .

old russian lada car

Rusty russian lada bus .

old russian lada bus

Old russian big car .

old russian car 1971

Old russian food car .

old russian car

Hilarious secular russian bus .

old russian bus photo

Classic russian big car .

old russian bus

Vintage russian war tank .

old russian army tank

Cool old russian ambulance .

old russian ambulance

Modern russian food car .

old food russian car

Old russian buses still running on the streets .

old communist car

Amazing old bus photo .

nice russian vehicle

Beautiful russian family photographing their lada car .

nice russian family car

Interesting old russian trip bus .

nice russian car

Did you ever seen something like this ? I did !

nice russian bus photo

Great draw of old russian bus .

nice russian bus draw

Old russian bus running among soviet streets .

nice russian bus

Old merchandise russian car .

nice old russian car

It will be nice to have old cars like this in a museum or something .

nice old russian bus draw

Cool old fireman ambulance .

nice old russian bus

Russian old ambulance car .

nice old russian big car

Funny old russian mini bus .

nice old bus

Rusty russian bus .

nice moskvich bus

Antique big russian car photography .

moskvich old car

Next we have two old buses vintage photos .

moskvich old bus

moskvich bus

Cool russian military truck .

military truck

Funny old russian bus .

lovely russian bus

Hilarious classic russian car .

interesting old russian car

Great soviet old bus .

hilarious soviet bus

I never seen before such a strange bus .

hilarious russian bus

Very old russian bus .

happy people in soviet bus

Spectacular old russian car .

hack at bus

Beautiful old bolga car .

great volga car

Great photo of old russian truck .

great soviet truck in winter

Old russian bus has frozen windows .

great russian bus

great luxurios old russian car

Interesting shape of this old russian car .

funny russian car

Marvelous old russian buses .

funny russian bus

cool vintage bus

Old volga truck .

cool russian truck

Here we have another two russian buses .

cool russian bus photo

cool russian bus

Old russian mini truck since 1971.

cool russian 1971 car

Very old russian buses .

cool old russian bus

cool moskvich bus

Cool russian vintage car .

black white old russian car

Gorgeous old volga car .

beautiful volga car

amazing old russian car

Old trip bus .

vintage soviet bus

vintage bus in winter

Old russian tourist bus.

tourist old bus

stale russian truck

Stale russian bus.

soviet vintage bus

Great old russian mini truck.

soviet truck

Splendid old russian car.

soviet old truck

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  1. Nice collection of pictures!
    btw. pictures labeled “volga car” are actually pics of ZAZ or “Zaporozhets” Volga was the biggest and most luxurious car in soviet times and ZAZ was the smallest and cheapest 😉

  2. The car you call Volga (secular volga car) is Moskvich 444.
    What you call “Modern russian bus” is Ukrainian LAZ bus. Just for your information, there are other countries which were the part of the former USSR, not only Russia.
    “Russian man driving his old car” – it is not his “old car”, it’s a prototype testing.
    “old soldiers bus” – it’s not a bus at all. This vehicle is used for transporting fireworks.
    “Interesting old russian sleep truck” – the vehicle for transporting horses.
    “Old russian vehicle for food” – learn the language before you write. It says “Fabric” and “Clothes”.
    There were no “Lada”, “Moskvich”, “Volga” trucks or buses.
    Vintage russian war tank – it’s not a tank. Wiki and Google help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tank
    Beautiful russian family photographing their lada car – it’s not “their” car and not Lada. It’s an IZH prototype.
    “Interesting old russian trip bus” – fire engine prototype.
    “Beautiful old bolga car” – Bolga, Volga: no difference? It’s the Start minibus.
    “Gorgeous old volga car” – another Moskvich.
    Should I continue?

  3. Good time of day.
    Many from this photographies have wrong names and half of their using in present time.

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