Never give up frog cartoon

This never give up frog picture is one of the funniest cartoons on the web. This is a frog which never gives up! Never ever! The cool tenacious frog from this never give up picture should be an example to many of us and give us serious thinking about it.

First time when I saw this stork frog never give up cartoon I had to stay for a little while and see the frog, which it is about to be eaten, holding the neck of the stork… Very funny never give up frog cartoon… This means positive attitude and never give up no matter want. Don’t ever give up! Never! Think about this little frog.

never give up frog

I really wish they can make a poster with this cartoon so everyone to buy it and hang it in his room.

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  1. I love this illustration, but I once saw the follow-up to it. It has the frog walking away, dragging the pelican behind him! I believe the caption read, “The Rest Of The Story”. I’ve tried finding it on the net without success. Has anyone else seen it and know where can I get my hands on it?

  2. I am looking for the follow on cartoon of the frog being swallowed by a heron where the frog is shown dragging away the dead Heron. Were you ever able to find a copy?

    Kind regards

    Clive Faux

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