Little girl fishing the big monster

Ok…Finally it is the time to make the first post on this very sucessful blog( in the future). For the moment my blog is number 707 on Not very cool, but let’s see where it will be in 6 months…

Ok so here’s the first funny picture I would like to show to you. It is a cartoon in fact. It is with a fishing girl

A little girl it is fishing and everything seems to be fine and still, but underwater it is a huge ugly monster…

girl fishing the beast

She is the best fishing girl I’ve ever seen. All the fishing girls should be envious….

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  1. Hey, does the artist of this play WoW by chance? because the beast definitly looks like a swamp monster, and she looks quite gnome-ish, along with the fact that WoW’s fishing bobbers look exactly like that… just a query =]

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