Little asian boy smoking

It is not so funny to see the children smoking, but this asian boy seems to be interesting…

He looks so mature and he smokes like a big man…

I hope that was just a joke and he is not smoking for real…

funny asian boy smoking

This little asian boy has no problem to smoke…

little asian boy smoking

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  1. that is not funny it is terrible to even say it is because that poor innocent child can suffer for smoking if he becomes sick later on in life it’s because the smoking he did and that better be a false picture P.S. some people can die right after smoking their first time.

  2. “jane lane:
    ‘jasmine: that better be a false picture’
    and what are you gonna do about it, if its not?”
    jane, you seem to be a little supportive of this baby, not even hoping that this picture is fake. this picture is probably real and isnt even a joke. there is a little two year old boy who throws tantrums if he cant smoke 40 cigarettes a day. he may die in a few months all because his parents let him do that. it may be funny at first but others need to see the reality of this little boy.

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