Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony before their divorce

Jennifer Lopez and her husband of seven years Marc Anthony just announced their divorce. They seem to love so much each other, they have a few kids and above all this is the fourth failed marriage for Jennifer. These photos are taken before their divorce to remind us how they looked together. Who is next for J Lo? Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez divorce seems to be an ugly thing as we do not know the real reason yet. It seems that a sexy boy called William Levy is the Jennifer’s lover and Mark could not accept that…

Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony divorce will be the negative event of the year. Jennifer was married before with Ojani Noa, Chris Judd and Ben Affleck. So this gallery will remember to all of us how stupid looked Marc Anthony near hot J Lo. If you want to see other really sexy pictures with Jennifer Lopez, you can check here on

j lo marc anthony divorce

Mark was looking like a fool near her. Jennifer is so beautiful!

j lo marc anthony

She was so married and now she will become so single… Or maybe she has a back-up???

jennifer lopez married

That’s a pathetic kiss…

jennifer lopez marc anthony stage kiss

They used to sing together. mark Anthony has no voice and J Lo has no voice at all.. Imagine their song together…

jennifer lopez marc anthony singing

Another stupid kiss…

jennifer lopez marc anthony kiss

jennifer lopez marc anthony couple

jennifer lopez marc anthony

jennifer lopez husband

And now let’s see Jennifer Lopez alone. It is much better and she has a great body to admire.

hot j lo

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