Hilarious statues

We can see statues everywhere, but not all of them are funny or even hilarious. All these pictures are with really hilarious statues which I hope you will really like.

These hilarious statues are looking very interesting and creative.

women nature statue

Very funny hands statues coming trough the water.

hand fingers statue

Great statue of a powerful man making acrobatics.

atlethic man statue

In the center of the town it’s impossible not to found a huge statue of something. I find this steel statue very nice.


I believe this statue is very nice. The statue presents a man in a subway train without his head.

funny women statue

Cool steel statue of a huge cat.

funny cat statue

Very funny creature statue on the bike.


I really don’t see the balance between this two statues.

fat women scraggy man statue

Astonishing statue of a fat girl in the center of the town.

fat girl statue

I like this statue man hat ears. I find it so funny.

curious statues

Great statue of a Chinese warrior.

chinese warrior statue

Funny statue of an athletic boy.

atlethic statue

This is my favorite statue because it’s saying so many thing.

smart hand statue

Great statues with one man trying to save another one.

save man statue

This statues finally can be free to go.

release statues

Nice statues with people praying to God.

praying statues

I like this happy man steel statue.

photo man statue

I like old statues. This one is about one ancient slave people.

old statue

Beautiful women dancing statue.

nice women statue

I like very much this monster statue on the street.

monster statue

Amazing huge hand masterpiece !

hand statue

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