Great painting made from photo

I just love this painting made from this photo…

I’m not sure if this painting is computer generated, but it is cool…

The photo is just a normal one with people relaxing in different ways…

But the painting made after it, it is great…

people relaxing

nice painting

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  1. Hello

    The painting came first, not the photo: I am sure however you knew that and were just being provocative. So of course I responded. I’m pretty pathetic that way.

  2. dude…the painting came first… its a Seurat painting called “sunday in the park” demonstrating pointalism. created in the mid 1800’s. Seurat died in 1891. this painting inspired Sondheim’s musical, “sunday in the park with george.” it is an extrremely famous painting that can be found in the Louvre.

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