Funny people with hilarious messages on the streets

People on the streets can write hilarious messages, we can see theme, smile or laugh and leave a few bucks to them. Many from the people who have written the below messages are homeless people or beggars. They are creative, funny and know how to make a penny making the others smile.

Honestly, I don’t know if these people are just trying to be funny with their messages, or some of them are actually being serious… For example these parents are happy, as it is written in the message, that their daughter is married with another woman.. .Strange or what??

women marriage message

This guy shows us the victory sign and then in the message he has written that circumcision causes brain damage… If he is Jewish or Arab, then he is circumcised, and looking at his face you can tell that he might have a serious brain damage…

hilarious message

This guy is dressed up like Jesus Christ, which many people can consider to be a blasphemy, but he tell us it is the Judgement Day and tells to women to show their breasts to him so he can judge them… I wonder if any women did this.. That would be really hilarious!

hilarious judgement day message

This respectable man, shows us a message about a woman which I think it is a politician.. Could that be Hillary Clinton, considering the message?


The old man seems to be homeless and does not ask for anything in his message, but he has just a short clear message to all of us!

direct message

Looking at the next guy I think he might be one of old Star Wars fans, which all their lives did nothing but to watch SF movies and now he tell us that his spaceship is broken d he needs some parts for it…

broken spaceship message

The next man looks like he is from Peru or Ecuador or something like this… His message is hilarious, but this shows us that he is also stupid. It says: “Help. I spent $90 on AdWords, 32 clicks and no conversions. Need to pay rent to my mom next week.” If that was really true that he is stupid not to make money with AdWords…

adwords help

This man, named Bob, wants a wealthy women for him. He wants this woman to be his wife. I hope that a rich woman married him in the meantime.

wealthy lady message

Santa Claus is broke!

santa claus message

This homeless man has nothing, but he has a Paypal account! That is cool!

pay pal message

The next message with Britney’s sister which is going to have a baby is simply hilarious! This guy wants money for a nice gift!

nice gift message

The next man just wants a job. The message is clever enough…

need job message

This boy has a lot of luggage to carry out…

man huge luggage

The next dude will kick himself in the head for 25 cents.. Looking at his face, I think he made some dollars already!

kicked head dude

The invisible homeless man is so creative…

invisible homeless

The last photo is a very well done one and the man needs a penny or a smile…

homeless man message

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