Funny HTML tags

I guess you all know what are the HTML tags. These are used to create web pages and the below collection of pictures is really funny.

center html tag

Html br tag in a winter day .

br html tag

Html body tag, on a beautiful asian girl body.

body html tag

Html a tag from a jazz singer .

a html tag

Two words tag, abbr and acronym , on a soviet spaceship.

abbr acronym html tag

Html li tag, on chinesse man.

li html tag

Legend word as html tag.

legend html tag

Html kbd tag to a piano.

kbd html tag

Html i tag, on Pisa tower.

i html tag

Html tag iframe, on eyeglasse.

iframe html tag

Html head tag as a iron statue .

head html tag

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 html tag could be found in this harbour.

headers html tag

Html tag frameset on the wall.

frameset html tag

Html frame tag from the bars.

frame html tag

Html colgroup tag in Greece .

colgroup html tag

Html tt tag near this expensive car .

tt html tag

Html tag textarea as cool colored graffiti .

textarea html tag

Nice html table tag as a chains table.

table html tag

Html sub tag, cool as a submarine.

sub html tag

style html tag in fashion parade.

style html tag

Html strong tag as this strong man.

strong html tag

Bowling strike html tag.

strike html tag

Ancient script as html tag.

scrip html tag

Funny p html tag.

p html tag

Soft link html tag .

link html tag

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