Funny flags – knowing the world you live in

These eight funny flags are looking great and they are for eight different countries…

The flags have some very funny comments on them which explain wht means every colour in each flag

These are some funny flags from Grande Reportagem Magazine…

Please click on every funny flag to see the bigger image and to be able to read the text on it…

The first one is the flag of Angola…

angola flag

The second funny flag belongs to Brazil…

brazil flag

African country Burkina Faso…

burkina faso flag

China funny flag

china flag

Columbia flag

colombia flag

European Union (EU) flag

eu flag

Somalia funny flag

somalia flag

And finally… USA funny flag

usa flag

Again, please click on every flag to see the biggest image…

I admit that in fact many of these messages on the flags are not funny indeed, but it is black humor…

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