Funny coffins

These coffins are from Ghana and they are simply hilarious, although normally you do not laugh when you see a coffin, you will do it now. These people from Ghana are really creative!

These collection of coffins is the most hilarious I’ve ever seen! These are really unusual and crazy! Iknow this is dark humor, it is macabre, but that is it!

This is shoe coffin. Dead man walking!

shoe coffin

Nokia can be a casket!

nokia casket

This coffin is for someone who really loved Nike.

nike coffin

These are some hilarious coffins!

hilarious coffins

funny coffins

A nice fruit coffin.

fruit casket

Fly like an eagle!

eagle coffin

Coca-Cola coffin? They have discovered that Coca-Cola is killing people!!

coca cola coffin

If you never had a car when you were alive…

car coffin

amusing coffin

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