Creative and funny ads collection

For today I’ve prepared some of the most amazing, creative and funny ads I’ve ever seen.

You really have to be good to create such advertisments.

The people which have done these are very good! So creative ads

The first one is a nice ad on a car for FHM magazine.

FHM creative ad on a car

The second one is a creative ad for buggle gum…

bubble gum creative and funny ad

And we continue with an amazing ad for Adidas with german goalkeeper Oliver Khan… Very creative ad and unusual…

adidas ad with oliver khan

I love the next one for Bic razor blades. I guess they have to cut off the grass from time to time…

creative bic razor blade ad

The next one for office products it is nice too:

creative ad for office products

We continue with the advertisment with the karateka; nice and creative ad.

creative and funny ad with karateka

The next one is an original and creative ad for a fitness company in a bus…

original and funny ad for fitness company in a bus

I love the next one too; I think it is my favorite…Nice Cingular ad.

creative cingular ad on a building

A creative anti-smoking ad on a bus.Smokers, this is for you:

creative anti smoking ad on a bus

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