Crazy big elephant attacking a car

We all know that the elephants are the largest living land animals on our planet and they can live in Asia of Africa. The elephant in the pictures below could be from Africa. This is a horrible thing which happened to the people in a car on a road in Africa. That elephant was going crazy when we saw that car and attacked it. You can look to the pictures below like it as a horror movie for the people inside that car.

The first photo shows just a normal thing in Africa: an elephant on a road and some cars on the road behind him.

african elephant

But when one of the cars is near him, the elephant attacks it. He becomes crazy and angry and wants to destroy that car! They were on his land and therefore the big animal is angry!

elephant car

It would be really easy for the giant elephant to crush that car…

elephant attacks car

He is not stopping! He wants to destroy that car.. I was was one of the people on that car I would have opened the car’s door and run…

angry elephant

He is really tenacious…

crazy elephant

big elephant

And the car is upside down now… I really hope that no one was hurt…

upside down car

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