Cool motorcycles made from watches

Maybe you never thought that you can make a motorcycle from a hand watch… These are some creative ideas indeed…

It is possible and the results are simply amazing…  A motorbike like one of these is a sensation and  a masterpiece…

Many of these motorcycles are looking really good… It is an art to make something like this. These watch motorcycles are not much bigger than a coin…

As you can see, the first one is really a small motorcycle compared to the coin…Is that a “Real”?

small motorcycle

And now enjoy the beautiful motorcycles…

broken watch motorcycle

cool small motorcycle

cool tiny motorcycle

Funny minimoto…

funny minimoto

funny motorcycle watches

funny small motorcycle

funny tiny motorcycle


I think that the next one is my favorite motorcycle watch

motorcycle watch

motorcycle watches

nice watch motorcycle

super watch motorcycle

tiny motorcycle

watches motorcycle

watch motorcycle

And the last one is Harley Davidson…

harley davidson motorcycle

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