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    1. This persian poem by Khayyam the Iranian poet means (never think about past because it has already gone-and never care about future because it has not yet come and may never come to you-so take advantage of the present chance to live and to insure your future life to be lucky in this world and in the other world)

  1. it’s not in arabic,
    it’s Persian !
    Unfortunately i don’t know farsi
    but i think it means;
    the day i saw you…
    i was very happy….

  2. who asked about the “arabic tatoo”
    If s/he interested in serious meaning of the words write me an e-mail.
    If you are not serious then do not respond.
    Understanding such poems needs a capacity. One may just know the translation.

  3. it’s a beautiful persian poem

    it means;

    Don’t think about last day

    Don’t rumble on day that not to be came

    Don’t rely on past and unrevealed future

    just enjoy and don’t waste your lifetime

    by khayam (great poet from iran)

  4. Hi, it is a nice photo. but the text is not Arabic. it is written in Persian (Iran). i translate it for ya:

    – The past days … don’t recall it
    – Tomorrow still hasn’t come, don’t hoot
    – Do not make your life based on yesterday or tomorrow
    – Enjoy your current moments and don’t waste your life.

  5. thanks from two friend which translated the text, now I have an important question: where did you take this pic? It’s for sure out of Iran,poor Iranian girls couldn’t go like that in Iran’s beaches like that in bikinis! because Islamic dictator government doesn’t allow that.

  6. hey!

    Can someone please tell me what friendship, love and passion are in Arabic? Or even what they mean by symbols’?

    I would really appreciate

  7. hi katty friendship is sadaka
    love is Hop
    passion.( 1. شغف
    2. عاطفة
    3. ولع
    4. حب
    5. عشق
    6. هوى
    7. شهوة
    8. هيام
    9. غرام
    10. رغبة حبيسة
    11. وجد

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