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  1. I have now set up a facebook group to see how many different suggestions and techniques I can get for help with toothache. I have over 140 members and it is quite slow to get going. I see peoples updates everyday complaining of toothache so I send them the link to my page and then nothing!! I expect them to share the agony with all us other members. Am I expecting too much? When I get toothache I read and became a member of about a dozen health forums just to complain bitterly about the injustice of me getting toothache. Needless to say some of the replies were sympathetic and some were not. Anyway for people reading my blog who are intrigued to see my facebook page just type ‘I hate toothache’ in the facebook search engine and join my group, what I would dearly like to happen is that if anyone does join directly from my blog please leave a post to say you have done so. It would be interesting to see the results..

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