Black girls or white girls?

Black girls or white girls? This is a question to which many men can give an answer, but also many of them have serious trouble to answer. They cannot decide between black girls or white girls as they do not know who is really most beautiful, sexy, hot or simply cute.

The answer is here on After you had a really funny and interesting post with a white man with black African girls where it seems that the guy is just a tourist, it is the moment to have a fighting in photos white girls vs black girls.

This dispute is to decide who has the most beautiful hair, how has the hottest body, best lips or skin and not who is smarter. I think that the white women are smarter than black women, but I also like very much the African girls who look really nice. So I hope that you will not mind.

If you like black girls or white girls it really does not matter because they both look amazing! These ladies are looking like art masterpieces!

Even if the white girls are smarter, the black girls can be more beautiful in many cases.

So, what do you think? Black girls or white girls?

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  1. I’m an Afro-American woman. I think it is scandalous what you have just posted here. Why are the black women not so clever as the white women? Are you stupid? What is this?
    What about Latino women or Asian ones?
    Shame on you!

  2. Funner,

    Dude, you are just an idiot. You are racist. White girls are smarter? Take a minute and think about if you know some white girls that are not smart. A Ha! You are not smart. How many Black girls do you know? Not enough if you hold that “opinion” you mention.

    Your voodoo comment on the other photo was really ignorant too.

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