Best ever caricatures with Angelina Jolie

I like all these caricatures with Angelina Jolie. I think they are the best.

She is a sexy actress and these cartoons are funny…

In the first one, Anjelina Joly looks really good…I mean it is the best caricature with Angelina

angelina jolie cool caricature

The second caricature shows a very sexy Anjelina… I think it is the coolest Angelina Jolie caricature

angelina jolie sexy caricature

Anjelina Joly it is Lara Croft in the next caricature…

lara croft caricature

The next one it is really funny…It shows the ex-wife of Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, fighting with Angelina Jolie… A crazy Angelina Jolie caricature…

brad pitt angelina fight

Angelina Jolie caricature and one of his children…

angelina jolie and child

And again sexy Anjelina… This is a nice Angelina Jolie caricature

sexy angelina jolie

The last one it is a very nice drawing cartoon of Angelina Joly

angelina jolie cartoon

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