Avatar tattoo – the best ever designs

Avatar tattoo is a kind of tattoo which many people are wanting today. The tattoo artists are having an increase demand in this tattoos inspired by the famous Avatar movie of James Cameron.

Avatar tattoos are more and more requested by the millions of fans of the movie. Here are THE BEST Avatar tattoos which are on Earth!

tattoo avatar

Many of these avatar tattoos designs are having a tribal theme.

avatar tribal tattoo

For this guy, it was not enough to have a single avatar tattoo, he has seven of them on his back! I like the fact that he has the dragon on his neck and also there is an arrow at the bottom.

avatar tattoo guy

A tattoo with Jake and Sully would be a nice one…

avatar jake sully tattoo

And lastly, for the fans of the famous American animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender (Avatar: The Legend of Aang), here’s a cool design:

avatar the last airbender tattoo

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