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  1. Annie is a joke. All the fake crying and blatant lies are really getting old. I am a member of that church and volunteered in that house and I can not say there is a single woman who has gone through that program that is doing ok or has their life together in anyway. How is she helping anyone. The Church of South Las Vegas keeps asking us to donate to this fraud and publicity scheme and we all need to wake up.

  2. Believe me…I worked with Annie..went on many calls with Annie and she entertained ANYONE who had any money. She did NOT see just high profile men..BULL. AND…I hated working with her as she acted like all girls were beneath her..with her long fake hair extensions and boobs purchased in utah..I can tell you that she never wanted to help anyone back then and would scam another girl out of getting the same amount during a call in a heartbeat. What a joke..she has always wanted ALL the attention and apparently had to change who was giving it to her.

  3. I reach out to sex workers & am apalled by fake Christians like Annie! I searched other ministries like hers & not one gives the gospel! I do not ask for money from strangers that is the responsibility of the church. I use my own money. We don’t have staff or volunteers the Church pulls together to help & we’re a small Church. We don’t use phsychology we use the Authorised King James Bible, God’s leading & common sense. I dress modestly in skirts or dresses below my knees. I say all this because that’s how it’s supposed to be with Biblical Christianity.

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