Amazing nails portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci

While we all use pens and other similar things to draw something, this artist it is using nails

As you will see below he has made a cool portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci from nails

Yes, this can be done and it is very nice nails portrait… Firts we can see the nails artist starting to work…

nails artist working

This artist had a great idea to make this portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci

nails artist

It is a cool artist…

cool nails artist

This is a partial result of the nails portrait

partial nails portrait

As we can see this is a 3D nails portrait

3d nails portrait

It is becoming very nice…

nice nails portrait

I love this Da Vinci nails portrait…

da vinci nails portrait

Leonardo’s nails portrait is lookinng amazing…

leonardo nails portrait

Leonardo Da Vinci nails portrait it is simply beautiful as you can see below… How many nails did he used? What do you think?

leonardo da vinci nails portrait

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