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I think body piercing it is an ugly thing. Don’t do like these people, it is simply insane. This body piercing gallery shows female piercings, male piercings, ear piercing, celebrity piercings, lip piercing and other strange piercings.
















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  1. how can ppl get piercings like that its totaly discusting iam not toaly against them either i have me nosie done and my ears 3 times but when u get them done so u can put a lighter through thats sooooo grose i dont get y ppl do that and they shouldnt do it cuz in a few years it will ruin there lives ive seen it happen and if u dont care i honestly dont care if u care or not so wateve but ppl shouldnt do stuff like that

  2. Amanda: People is spelled p-e-o-p-l-e. Nose is spelled n-o-s-e. Disgusting is d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g. You is spelled y-o-u. It’s “their” and not “there”. The use of periods “.” and commas “,” is also a good thing.
    Look, if you are going to be close-minded, bigoted, and disrespectful of people and the choices they make, do so in a way that doesn’t make you look illiterate on top of being ignorant and hateful.You don’t know these people so how do you know that they have “ruined their lives”? I certainly haven’t, and I can fit a lighter through my ear! I am gainfully employed, college educated, have a beautiful family and home. Perhaps modifications like these are not for you personally, but don’t be disrespectful to people who choose to take advantage of the freedom they are given to do with their bodies as they choose. Try to be a little more open minded and free yourself from being so judgmental.

    1. Well said Columbia… It’s a shame that there is bigotry at all, but there is and it knows no boundaries. It leaps from race and gender, crossing lifestyle, religion and every other aspect of our lives. I see a lot of negativity here and while everyone is entitled to their opinion, everyone is NOT entitled to negatively express it… Remember, it often shows a great understanding of language to say NOTHING… Especially when you know nothing about what you’re speaking about!

  3. People are crazy. These days with their piercings the just get them anywhere I can’t believe they do their bodies like this this like A OMG MOMENT for me! =O like this is out of control like obviously they don’t care about their bodies because this don’t make any since! That people get this much piercings like that is unnecessary.

    -Class dismissed.

  4. Respect for Columbia.
    I fully agree, in the end its a person’s own choice when it comes to their body. I’m currently studying at university here in New Zealand and I love body modification. People need to open their minds and try to be more accepting of others.

  5. Maybe, the guy who put a glass inside his ear is excused because he could be thirsty and need a class to drink from it! And the guy with the cell phone in his ear do not want to put it in his packet or carry it! The last picture is the funniest 1, what is his reason? oh, maybe, he is addicted to cigarette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Stupid people. Man, i get scared when i am around people like those; they r weird.

  6. I totally love these pics, a little freaky, but i love them. Haven’t gone that far yet. I am only 19 and im working on it. 11 Ear piercings so far, next step facial lol. I’m such a dweeb XD

  7. u do knw very few ppl in the world hve piercings like this right? i mean this is completely unrealistic these ppl do it for thrills, religion, culture, etc. their not freaks and its a little rude to criticize these ppl even verbally

  8. Im not very close-minded about these thingsg, i am a big fan of peircings but i would never go this extreme. I do think this is unique and totally out of the ordnary(:

  9. i get people that criticize what i don’t get are people that criticize them if you want them to keep there mouths shut stop trying. it aint ever gonna work go about your life and chalk it up as were different there probably assholes glad i don’t have to deal with them feed. but don’t feed it. damn

  10. I’m definitely not close-minded when it comes to body piercings. But, this being my personal opinion, I don’t think you should hide yourself behind piercings. Now, I do think what they do is totally out of the usual, but I’m not gonna call them “freaks” cause you shouldn’t really judge someone for being themselves (atleast I hope they’re being themselves).

  11. ill admit they are kinda weird. but still no reason to diss em. most of em are just like anyone else. and its not the rare at all for ppl to have that many or as big… allot of people do actually, and i find it funny to read posts like half of the ones above. just the rate that ppl diss it is amazing. and to thos with an open mind, yall are awesome.

  12. Wow, cause that’s really gonna look cool when you’re eighty.. You’re not special or cool because you’ve got a huge hole through your lip or ear. Wow, it doesn’t take effing talent. I have my navel and want my nose done, bu that’s just trying to stand out and look cool what you’re doing..

    Sad. It doesn’t make you cool. Get off.

  13. Okay, I am a fan of body peircings, and I think the 6th one is actually cool. BUT most of this is just GROSS!
    Aren’t theese people afraid of a peircing getting caught on something? It would hurt a lot. I mean, they can do what they want with their own body, but some of this is just… its not style anymore.

  14. dddddddaaaaaaammmmmmnnnnnn !!!!!!!
    dat shiixx look sihck ass fuhck but at the same time iits look coo ass fuhcK !
    iim thiinkiinn about gettiing biiq ass stretches iin my ear dats y i wa lookiinnq to see how far dey kan stretch nd wat iim seeiinnq so far can stretch hell of fuhciinnq far !
    k well ii gotta go get my belly pierced so iill holla later k buh byee !!!!!!

  15. Haha these people have my complete and total respect. Not because of the piercings. Because they don’t care what ANY of you think. They didn’t conform to what people see as “normal” They do what they want to do, because they can. And I find it funny that everyone immediately labels them “Weird.” You ever think that weird is a complement to them? They are individuals, and are actually doing something to make themselves stand apart from the norm.

  16. prettygirl123: I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised, as you defined yourself as “prettygirl” so we can already gather that you’re shallow, but these people are not crazy or weird, they are individual. The most amazing people are the ones who break the mould and do their own thing, it isn’t weird or crazy, it’s whatever the f**k they want it to be

    And EazyE, I agree with you there, I love being called weird

  17. all of yall are stupid yall take it to far and make other people that got piercing look stupid. i understand that what u wanted but dam that just to much. like for real

  18. In reply to “Columbia June 22, 2010”:
    Well, I think it should be somone’s own buisness whether or not they get piercings. That doesn’t mean that they can’t take advice, but it should be left to the person making the decision. I find it completly repulsive. I don’t have a single piercing on my body, and if I were to get ANY, it would be ONE piercing in each ear. I am fully against piercings, and think that, to a certain extent, you would have to be mental to get literally thousands on you body. One’s body is sacred and a gift from God; He created your body, and you should respect it with care and gratitude. One should respect it and not defile it in any way. You only get one chance with it. You can never go back with the mistake of even one piercing. Gages in someone’s ear just shines all out and says “I’m an idiot! So come rip ’em out of my ear!” So, even in your old age when you don’t have that young good-looking strong skin to hold those discusting piercings in, your gross, flaking old-man skin will make you take them out. If you have excessive piercings, trust me! More people look at you with discust and pitty than with agreement for your decisions.

  19. Ummm…you should get to know those people before you judge them. They may be just the way they look, but still, I doubt anyone would want another person to look at them and judge you that quickly. If I made some stupid decisions like that, I would really want all pride and judgements to be held off! I would never do that anyway, but I’m saying with anything, really.

  20. These people arn’t weird! There peircings are amazing! And you guys who are hating on them are just being pussys. They can do whatever they want. Its their body. So shut the fuck and go get a life.

  21. I absolutely LOVE these. I really respect people who choose to stand out because that means they’re really comfortable with themselves. I love piercings, too. I’ve got 32 and counting; however, I don’t think I’d go this extreme, but that’s just my choice for my body. But I most definitely respect them.

  22. HOLY S**T! these people are dumb as f**k, for doing this, not only they scar there faces, and cant take this shit off, BUT they go out in public looking like some retarded f***g douche bags.
    but on the other hand SO COOL! ahaa, like im wondering?? the little laces pericing? what if someone puls em. and then the HUGE EAR HOLE THINGY haha? idk what there called i forgot. BUT what if someone pulls them down like streches em away ? EWWWWW EWWW EWWW. dumb mother f**s. BE SMART! and dont do this.
    all done [; love you guys. -kind of d:


  24. Woaah! These are probably the most epic pircings i’ve seen on someone, especially photos 12&13, You don’t see alot of people having around 500 or over pircings on there bodies!

  25. I totally love the fact that more than half the comments are calling these people weird and stupid, when most of them can’t even spell words. Plus they’re choosing to type in text-form and some people would call them weird for that.
    I’m not saying I wouldn’t judge straight away, but I would rethink if I met them and got to know them.
    We’re all human so nobody’s perfect and almost everyone judges everyone and everything they see, otherwise we wouldn’t get to know anything or anyone cause we’d be disinterested in the world.
    I like the 6th one. =)

  26. I dont speak english very well, my brother has the 6 picture, do not make fun of me please. I think the pictures is great . I do no understan why you donot like them. word ‘freak’ is unpleasant maby you can let the persons in the picture live themselfs. in my country I live in italy we say ‘La vita รจ giovane ‘ The meanings is the life is young. It is powerrfull.

  27. Ah, body perfectionists. I love body piercings, I plan on being a tattoo artist/body piercer in a few years and these piercings are quite amazing in my eyes. Sure, I personally would not want to be able to stick a lighter through my lip or get the front of my neck laced. But it is all quite beautiful in my eyes. It shows the creativity and boldness that these people have to put themselves out there to be extraordinary and stand out in a crowd.

  28. I understand that you’re just voicing your opinion, but that’s really harsh. No one wants to be judged based on what they look like, and piercings actually have religious/spiritual roots. They symbolize many different things. Art is art, and people will choose to express themselves any way they please.. And it’d be nice if there weren’t people like you around to plant the seed of self-doubt.

  29. Wow. I think tattooing and body piercing is a sexy form of self expression. Y’all suck. Leave people alone. I know people with tattoos and piercing all over, and they’re awesome. Ignorance. You don’t know these people. My marine has gauges. And tattoos everywhere. It’s a really sad day when you realize an ancient art form of self expression is nasty, but pushing your lips out like you’re s***g a d***k is sexy.

  30. WTF. I just found out today you can get your uvula pierced then i find these!! WHO THE *** MADE UP THIS ***. CANT WAIT TILL SOMEONE KILLS THEMSELVES FROM TRYING SOME *** PIERCING.

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