Adam and Eve – Saudi Arabia version

I think this is a very funny cartoon of Adam and Eve in Muslim version from Saudi Arabia… I hope that Muslim people will understand the joke
Cartoons are beautiful and should just be for fun!
It is a nice idea and I hope everybody will taste the joke…

Eve has such a big leaf and Adam such small one…

adam and eve cartoon

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  1. 1st of all pls exquz me i am not very good at english , then i say to u : take it as an advice from ur brother in humanity we both r from adam and eve may peac be upon them , looke deeply at the things and allways make ur goal is only to find the truth , and befor u say a funney word about someone or something make sure by doing that , that ur not bringing a cuirse to ur life …. i leave u with peace and i pray for u to find the truth

  2. I know it’s suppose 2 b a “Joke”, but Technically, for a Moslem, the area for d Man should be from the knee to d center point of the person ie navel. That is, d erogenous zone for “Adam”. The thighs of “Eve” should be covered-up, too stimulating. The cartoon shows quite insufficient areas being covered-up. In actual fact, being covered-up is as a sign of being “Civilized” and respecting honorably the ‘shyness’ of d Angel(s) of God. Personally, I prefer to sleep blissfully naked with my wife, under the covers of my own blanket in my own private bedroom.

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