A muslim bath

It is really funny to see how this people are acting on the beach…

I guess they are muslim, if you look at the woman…

I’m not sure why the man is not going into the ocean or sea water and prefers to take a bath with some water from a Coca-Cola bottle…

muslim bath

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  1. its not a muslim bath! you dont have to blame muslims with stupid things always!

    he wants to clean his head to get rid of sea water. because sea water is full of salt…

    and they dont spend liters of water to clean salty water, but you would probably use 15-20 liters water.. useless!

  2. yes she is only helping her partner to remove the salt from his face that is all not a bath you have to search google as “T├╝rk Hamam─▒” because they are really good at to build bath

  3. jj rabbit… Thanks! I really hope my brain will start to work… finally!… Still waiting, but nothing happens…
    I guess all the others you are right about the salt… Thank you for your comments… Anyway this is nothing to do with muslim people; I respect them and I have also muslim friends… It was just a funny picture to me… Good Luck to you all!

  4. Funner,
    I blame u about your comment.You are saying that this is muslim bath according to woman’s wear in this photo but there is something that yo don’t know about muslims.Muslim people never have bath in the public because this is forbidden them by allah.In this photo the man just cleaning his face and head but why he is using a pot ─▒ don’t know.And I don’t think that all muslims have bath like that so it is not nice that you generalize one people action to all muslim.And Adem ka─čan Funner didn’t say that this is turkish bath why you are recommending such link like that and write comment like that…

    1. Senin kafan ├žok mu g├╝zel.
      T├╝rkler berbatsa sen nesin d├╝┼č├╝nemiyorum…
      hayvan olabilirsin mesela.

  5. leave creative writing until you learn propper english, get yourself a captionist for the moment.

    All you do is either stating the obvious, or being racially insensitive. Both equally dumb and annoying.

    “I guess they are muslim, if you look at the womanÔÇŽ” ….. duh, you dont have to guess funner, it is quite obvious she is a muslim.

  6. This picture is fake. All world know muslims never take bath they are dirty fellow. hahahahahahahaha

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